All about our synthetic hair...

Throughout the Gem's Wig Page you will see 'Made from our high-quality, premium synthetic fibre' - but what exactly makes it so premium and high-quality?

We are so confident in our synthetic wigs (in fact we often have clients unable to tell the human hair apart from synthetic) that we wanted to delve a little deeper into this...

Our synthetic fibre is called the 101 fibre - this was specially designed to mimic the properties of human hair - they are super soft, flows like natural hair, performs, shines and most importantly the ability to heat style it.

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Before the launch of the 101 fibre, synthetic hair was super shiny, itchy hair left for fancy dress cheap costumes and if you dared add heat to this it would have melted instantly (and in doing so wouldn't have left a mess on your tongs / straighteners and the worst burning smell imaginable). 

Now with our fibre, you can heat style all of our synthetic wigs available and of course the human hair blended wigs. This is fantastic as the wig can become more of an extension of you and give your hair the chance to express your identity - whether that be curly, crimped, straight, wavy, bouncy - or all of these on different days of the week. 

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