All you need to know about Glueless Wigs...

Our Gem Wigs Collection of wonderful glueless wigs - means no more messy glue but the chance to secure you wigs without the need for any adhesives! 

Unlike traditional wigs, where the lace front is glue to the head, most glueless wigs contain adjustable straps in the wig’s back, the wig can be secured to your own hair using the little combs that are located in the wig cap. In our Gem Wigs Glueless Wig collection you will find a comb at the back and either side of the wigs to make them super secure. 

In our best selling, top quality Luna Wig, there is also an elastic strap in the wig cap that allows for added security of the cap without any need for glue. Of course in our glueless wig options, you may still have a lace front that needs to be trimmed but you will find the wig cap combs and adjustable straps for the perfect wig cap fit allowing you to secure the wigs without any glue!

Not only are glueless wigs extremely easy to apply, they can also be removed easily - perfect for changing your style (or if you are in a rush in the morning). And the very best thing glueless wigs have to offer... They can also safeguard your hairline - no need to add and remove glues so it's a total winner there too. 

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With love,

Gem Wigs xo