Choosing the right Wig Style for your Face Shape

With so many different styles, colours, and types of wigs available in the market, finding your perfect wig can be overwhelming. And so, it is crucial to take time to find a suitable wig that not only flatters and compliments your natural appearance but also makes you feel comfortable and confident.  

Now the big question is, how do you know which wig style is right for you? 

No more worries, lovely ladies! With this blog post, we have you covered.

We at Gem Wigs are proud to say that we have over sixty different styles of luxurious ladies wigs in our online collection. So, there is one for everyone! 

It all starts with the face shape. Your face shape will determine which cut and style works best on you. Of course, we appreciate everyone is perfectly unique and have a choice, but this blog will give you an idea of the types of wigs to check out first.


 Do you have a wide hairline and fullness below the cheekbones?

For round faces, we recommend trying angular geometric hairstyles and wigs with height. You can add long wispy sides to make your cheeks look narrower. Actress Ginnifer Goodwin and singer Selena Gomez are known celebrities with round faces.

Styles to avoid

Try and avoid rounded hairstyles that end at the chin, as they will add fullness at the widest part of your face making it look even fuller. Cropped styles that are full at the sides might also add more width to your round face shape making your face appear even rounder.

Our recommendation

ADRIANA Synthetic Wig – A sweeping fringe with wispy strands can break up a rounded face. You can checkout our @sadiebass_ for inspiration.

TAMARA Synthetic Wig – The super-long, loose-wavy style curls of Tamara wig are excellent for rounded face shapes as they add volume from the chin and below. To get inspired check @shantaniabeckford  

Tamara Synthetic Lace Wig

MELANY Synthetic Wig – The glam curls of Melany add height to the top of the head, making it perfect for this face shape. 



If you have an oval face shape, you should consider yourself lucky. Thanks to the well-balanced appearance - your face is longer than wide, your jaw narrower than your cheekbones and your forehead, cheekbones, jaw, and chin are proportional.

And, because of your balanced face shape, you can wear any style, length, or texture – we are not jealous at all! We recommend hairstyles that are off the face so you can truly show that incredible face structure. Do you know that celebrities with oval faces include Jessica Alba, Blake Lively and Rihanna?

Styles to avoid 

Well, you can wear pretty much any style. Don't avoid, but do be cautious with heavy fringes.

Our recommendation

MOLLY Synthetic WigA newbie to the Gem Wigs Collection, Molly is that pretty mermaid curl style that is super popular now.

LEIGH Lace Wig – Plaits or Curly - this beautiful wig offers you many style options as it arrives with two beautiful French plaits. Checkout our influencer @meilifisayo on Instagram showcasing Leigh.

Leigh Synthetic Lace Wig

OLIVIA Human Hair Wig – A super fashionable long bob style wig available in the most beautiful ombre colour combinations! Checkout our Instagram Influencer @taislany in her new look. 



A square-shaped face features a broad forehead, wide cheekbones, and a strong jawline. 

Choose styles with wispy strands of hair as that will then soften the squareness of your face shape. For the perfect look, try experimenting with sweeping fringes, bangs, layers, and curls. It will make your face look less angular. You can also try a soft-bouncy blow-dry style with elegant soft layers.

Styles to avoid

Anything too angular. One length cuts or blunt bob haircuts, as that, will accentuate the angles in your face.

Our recommendation

CANDACE Fringe Wig – a killer side fringe (sweep across the face for a proper side fringe or part in the middle for stunning side bangs).

NADIDA Synthetic Wig – A luscious wavy pattern complemented by beautiful layers, making it one of our best sellers.

Nadida Synthetic Wig

LEANNE Blended Hair Wig – the side parting and layers flick one this style to soften your face!



Diamond is a girl's best friend, and so are the bob and fringe styles if your face is diamond-shaped.

People with diamond-shaped faces have a narrow forehead, wider cheekbones, and narrow chin. The perfect hairstyle for you will reduce the width at the sides and add fullness to your chin.

Styles to avoid 

Hairstyles with high or fuller sides will enhance the wide cheekbones and your narrow chin and hairline.

Our recommendation

ADELE Human Hair Wig – The classic Victoria Beckham bob with a shorter angled back, this bob cut is a timeless style.

ABBIE Synthetic Wig – A soft long bob style in this pretty loose curl pattern is a perfect fit as it emphasises your gorgeous bone structure. Check @jucelmadasilva on Instagram with Abbie wig.

Abbie Synthetic Lace Front Wig

ALEXIS Synthetic Lace Wig – Ready to be a bit more daring? Try this asymmetric cut on this bob hairstyle with one side longer than the other.



Heart-shaped faces have wider foreheads and cheekbones, narrowing into a more defined jawline and a smaller chin. 

By adding volume to the chin area and forehead, your hairstyle will change your face shape appearance. Depending on how narrow your chin is (how dramatic of a heart you are), you will want to add weight to the back of the nape area.

Styles to avoid 

Avoid hairstyles like short pixie crops, blunt-cut fringes, and choppy layers. They are more likely to draw attention to your upper face making it look more top-heavy.

Our recommendation

BROOKE Synthetic Wig – Get stylish full-body, tight pattern curls with our popular Brooke wig.

YAMINA Human Hair Wig – The soft, lightweight curls wig styled into a glamorous bob look. Check out Yamina, one of our best selling products of 2021. 

Yamina Human Hair Lace Parting Bob Curly Wig

FAITH Synthetic Fringe Wig – The polished curls add volume to the chin area making it a classic fit for anyone with a heart-shaped face. 



Do you have a long face shape with a narrow bone structure?

Go for styles with width and fullness at the sides - soft curls and waves will be your best friend. These hairstyles will give your face shape an illusion of a little more oval. Try a fringe or sweeping fringe style, as these will also shorten the appearance of your face shape.

Styles to avoid 

Pixie crop styles add height to the top of your head and the sides making your face look longer. 

Our recommendation

FERN Fringe Wig – Check out our popular Fern fringe wig, a soft curl and natural style wig with a long full fringe, making you look stunning. 

RACHEL Synthetic Wig – A side parting style Rachel wig sweeps across with loose barrel curls. Checkout @alessandraleonard in her stunning new look.

Rachel Synthetic Wig

CHRISSY Synthetic Lace Wig – Glamorous curls and layers at the front of this wig will give you lots of body at the sides.

We hope you find the best suitable hairstyle that works in harmony with your facial features. Why not browse our stunning collection of 100% human hair wigsfringe wigspremium quality synthetic wigs and blended hair wigs and find the right style for you or feel free to contact us for any questions you may have.

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With Love

Gem Wigs x