CHRISTMAS PARTY READY WITH GEM WIGS - ‘Tis the season to party

Gem Wigs - Christmas Party Hair Human & Synthetic Wigs, Ponytails, Accessories


Get party hair ready with us at Gem Wigs. From ponytail hair accessories to the most glamourous ladies wigs styles to beautiful winter colours we have the products to make your Christmas hair sparkle and dazzle this year!

Whether is party-ready hair for one or two Christmas drinks with the girls, a Christmas updo hair for the work do or a style to rock for Christmas Day – we have your every need covered!

And if you think an updo is the one for you, why don’t you give our easy to follow ‘How to style the Kylie Wig’ a read – a beautiful and easy updo look.


A festive favourite and the hairstyle you will love this glamourous party season! You can use these to up your style game – giving you super cute points or super slick and fierce vibes! And what’s even better is that in our ponytails you have 2 super easy methods to apply them, and both are instant – so you will have the ponytail of your dreams in seconds. This means more time working on making that eyeliner match!


BOOTYLICIOUS PONYTAIL - what’s more glam than the loose barrel curl? It’s the understated, tonged curl, which gives your ponytail body and bounce (people won’t believe this is a hair accessory) and this one comes in 24” or 30” so you just need to decide if you are going long or extra-long!


EURO LONG PONYTAIL - It’s our favourite style and a classic Hailey Bieber award ceremony look. This look paired with your favourite lipstick shade is a must-have this party season.


RELISH PONYTAIL - transform your ponytail dreams with the Relish ponytail and we think this relaxed, loose wave style will look perfect with a Christmas ribbon tied around it – so festive & fun!

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Gone are the days when we spend hours and hours in front of the mirror, curling and curling… And if your hair is fine the curl drops before the DJ drops his best beat on the dancefloor! But we have the solution try one of our curly hair options…


MELANY WIG - going for a sophisticated classy curl look? Then the mid-length Melany Wig is your girl. Set in a side parting, this curl is bouncy and the perfect look to party the night away.


FAITH WIG - if your curl style is more loose but polished try our fringe favourite the Faith Wig. This full fringe style is complimented beautifully with the loose wave style.


CYNTHIA WIG - get party-ready with the Hollywood wave in the Cynthia Wig. It’s the curl most celebs reserve for the red carpet so this is your glam long wig option.

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The most beautiful, long, and luscious longs, our collection of long hair wigs will bring your every hair swishing fantasy to life. Transform your hairstyle with super long styles, curls, layers and even fringes.


RACHEL WIG  - Our Rachel Wig would win the best glam award with its long cascading curls with a finished wig length of an impressive 28”.


NADIDA WIG - for the relaxed flicked, bouncy blow-dry style – with gorgeous layers running through this super long 30 – 31” wig, this wig gives you effortless style points.


STELLA WIG - our human hair blended wig has luxurious straight layers and is styled beautifully in a side parting, a perfect hairstyle if you want long hair and even better you can change up this style if you like as it’s so versatile.

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In contrast to our previous style option, here’s the power bob cut – giving you that sleek shorter style. A timeless classic hairstyle – it can be the angled bob, the long bob or the super short bob paired with a fringe or even curly or straight.


ALEXIS WIG - Short and asymmetric, a great fashionable style with one side longer. Featuring a loose polished wave, with Alexis you are on to a winning hairstyle.


YAMINA WIG - the human hair Yamina wig has such a relaxed wave curl pattern and being a super lightweight wig makes this a super fun but full of glamour option for the party season.


EMMA WIG - what a naturally beautiful look this is... This cut and flicked style will scream fresh out the hairdressers with this styled look – you will fool everyone with the Emma synthetic wig.

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So, whatever your style this holiday season, you can find the very best and most fashionable styles here at Gem Wigs – with the bonus of less hairstyling work for you our range of wigs and hair accessories are a must-have for party wear and beyond!

We hope you all have the very best holiday season and hope you are taking care!

With Love! xx