Colour Hair...

Whilst everyone is thinking let's go dark hair for winter or let's try the gingery tones for that perfect autumnal cosy vibe! But this blog is the opposite, inspired by the colour and vibrancy of Fireworks Night on the 5tyh November we are giving you all the colour you could possibly want!!!

 Colour background rainbow with 3 coloured wigs, model 1 wears Olivia wig in bright orange with dark root, model 2 wears a pink and blue ombre wig and the final model wears unicorn Kourtney wig in 4 pastel shades of ombre


Intense ruby reds - the colour of passion, heat and courage! If red is your colour, then at Gem Wigs we have you covered with many different hairstyles:

The Abbie Wig - a short curly bob and in this red ombre colour for a darker root and brighter ends. 

Our Leanne Wig has those the luxurious properties of human hair and a high-quality synthetic fibre to make it more affordable but this red ombre is so natural for a red wig. 

Fancy a fringe? Nikki in the Dark Red is the one for you! Super long straight locks with a full fringe in the stunning base colour red. 


The prettiest of purple ombres, the Fern Wig has a dark purple root and has the most beautiful purple gradient. 

A slick straight bob, possibly one of the most timeless and classic girl boss hairstyle, our Vivian Wig has this impressive purple ombre style.

We love adding a ponytail accessory to simply elevate your hairstyle and our Bootylicious Long Ponytail is a winning style. This curly number comes in a pretty purple colour with a dark root to help manage the natural blend to your own hair. 


Green and blue tranquil hues, we have so many blue and green colours, but here's just a few! 

The Viola Wig softly frames the face, with a slightly tapered back for this pretty turquoise colour option with a darker root. 

This turquoise option is perfect with the spiral ringlet curls of the Elena Wig, as it highlights the pretty shades within this bluey, green hue. And the even better thing about this wig? Its part of our hair band collection so you can literally pop this wig on and go! 

The Amiya wig has soft layers that fall and blend [perfectly like a bouncy blow dry complete with fringe bangs. The perfect colour due for this as the light shines on this wig, you will see the hints of green, blue and darker shades.


With a dark root and soft darker pink style, the Evie Wig is perfect for a winter pink style (not too bright and summery), we love how this wig has a dark root and fringe to keep the colour fresh and natural. 

We all love the Hollywood Curl look and the Nyla Wig features a small Hollywood curl set style - we have 2 great pink looks in this wig, the softer dark root option of TT8/Blossom or the brighter orange, pink and blonde ombre!

Pink hair for us is definitely all about having a bit of fun! The Kayla Wig in this stunning Candyfloss colour is no exception - this very playful colour is a daring hue of pinks but in this timeless classic cut we think you will have the perfect balance!

Possibly a wild card here, but our Alexis wig is available in this stunning pastel dream ombre of pink and blue! Of course it's not the natural shade but its so beautifully made and with its soft blends of pastel colour this short, curly wig is gorgeous!

Of course these are just a few there's pretty more online - check out the full collection here! 


If you liked any of these colours mentioned above we have a special offer running 3.11.23 until 5.11.23 at 23.59 GMT!

With love, 

Gem Wigs xoxo