Everything you need to know about lace...

There are endless choices of hairstyles and colours out there and then navigating through all the different wig and lace types makes it even more work! So don’t worry this Gem Wigs. blog article is designed to take you through each style of lace wig in a clear, easy to understand way. We hope this will help you focus your choices for wigs and lace types.

Lace wigs are highly desirable as they are designed to give you the appearance of the most realistic and natural hairline, allowing the hair to seamlessly blend to the wearer’s skin. Some lace wigs also enable the hair to be styled in various partings and ways.

Let’s delve in further into the lace wig options on the market:


Lace front wigs are beautiful wigs with a delicate piece of lace material secured at the front of the wig which the hairs at the hairline are tied too. This lace material is cut and used to apply the wig securely and ensure the hairline blends to the skin for the most flawless and realistic appearance like real hair at the scalp.

Our lace front wigs may have a movable parting in the next heading or a lace parting that cannot be moved…

Discover the collection of synthetic lace front wigs here. And many of these styles come with fantastic baby hair detail - pre-plucked hair at the hairline to help style the hairline to make it look even more natural and realistic. Our Leigh Synthetic Lace Wig has beautiful baby hair.


360 LACE

The Gem Wigs 360 lace wig collection feature a lace front and back (no lace around the ears only) – this means you get that beautiful seamlessly hairline at the nape of the neck too. These lace wigs give you even more styling options – think ponytail looks and up-do’s.

For the most versatile wig options a full 360 lace and also a movable parting (as explained below) shop our LAYLA Wig -  a full curly style perfect for beachy curly vibes that you can style in such a wide range of ways.



As you can see here by the heading, you may find this type of lace wig under many name titles. All may be defined by the increased lace detail in the wig cap, this lace allows for the hair to be parted in various hairstyles. These wigs due to the increased lace, skilled manufacture and time are usually more expensive – but by giving the wearer’s confidence in wearing a virtually undetectable wig that can be styled in multiple ways – some would argue its worth every penny.



Our lace parting wigs have that beautiful lace finish at the parting. Hair has been tied at the parting to offer a realistic scalp appearance at the parting – these wigs unless it states otherwise are set in a particular parting that cannot be changed or moved.

Try the LEANNE Wig: Made from a human hair synthetic blended mix, this hair is designed to mimic human hair and look natural, the Leanne Wig has the added features of a lace front and lace side parting to emphasis the natural look.



Whilst many desire lace wigs for the realism and natural qualities they offer, but there too are many merits in wigs without lace.

New to the wig game? Lace can be a daunting challenge particularly lace front wigs that require you to cut the lace front. Or a little low on time and need to be able to pop the hairstyle on and ready to rock and roll? Then our wigs without lace are also great.

To ensure these still look as realistic as possible we only offer these wigs with fringes (and of course the bangs hide the hairline making little need for a lace front).

Shop our range of Human Hair Fringe styles, including a natural curly human hair - the Sharon Wig and our collection of Synthetic Hair Fringe Wigs here.

Our other option for you when deciding what lace wig has your name on it, is our Headband Wigs. Of course, these full wig cap models have a soft headband around the entire circumference of the wig cap and head. – this means again no need for any lace without sacrificing the appearance with the hairline being cleverly hidden.

Wigs without lace - fringe styles and head band wigs

Happy wig shopping ladies. If you do have any more questions please let us know and for more tips, tricks and secrets in the world of wigs check out more on our blog section


With love, 

Gem Wigs x