Everything You Need To Know About Our Human Hair Blended Wigs

Everything You Need To Know About Our Human Hair Blended Wigs

In this blog, we reveal all about our Human Hair Blended wigs, so you can see exactly why these wigs are fantastic value for money.

What are Human Hair Blended wigs exactly?

As the name suggests our Human Hair Blended wigs are made from a beautiful blend of high-quality human hair and premium synthetic hair. This blended mix of hair combines the ultimate luxury and superior qualities that everyone loves in human hair wigs with the affordability and value of synthetic hair. And even better all our Gem Wigs synthetic wigs are able to be heat styled so you can still heat style these human hair blended wigs if desired.

These wigs are a mix of hair to ensure they are:

  • Softer than 100% synthetic hair wigs.
  • These wigs are superior and will last longer than 100% synthetic hair.
  • They are less likely to shed than synthetic hair.
  • They are less likely to tangle than 100% synthetic hair.
  • Our human hair blended wigs look extremely natural and impeccably realistic.
  • These wigs can be heat styled as the synthetic fibre is a heat resistant and friendly material.

    Why should you a Human Hair Blended wig?

    These wigs are a game changer… Seriously! They look and feel like human hair, but far more affordable than 100% pure human hair wigs. The key benefits to grabbing yourself a Human Hair Blended wig include:

    • Extremely cost effective and great value for money, compared to 100% human hair wigs.
    • With the added human hair in these wigs, they will last longer than their synthetic counterparts.
    • These wigs act like human hair, which means they are less likely to tangle and shed than 100% synthetic wigs.
    • They come in a wide range of styles, curl patterns and lengths so at Gem Wigs we have something for everyone! Plus at a more affordable price you will be itching to add more to your collection to change up your style.
    • LACE – these human hair blended wigs all have a lace front and lace parting which makes them look extremely natural at the hairline and parting.

      How to wear these wigs?

      1. Brush the hair with a wide-tooth comb to remove any tangles or knots.
      2. Adjust the wig cap if required, there is a small piece of elastic which can be tightened or loosened at the back of the wig cap and pop the wig on.
      3. Cut the lace (stay tuned for a more detailed how to cut the lace on a lace front wig coming soon)
      4. You may choose to apply glue to secure it or you can use our Silicone Band (free gift option when you spend over £50) to keep the wig in place. There are clip combs in the wig cap so make sure you comb these into your hair to secure it.
      5. You are ready to go – but of course you could straighten, add a little curl or even an up-do into these wigs depending on the look you are going for!

        Where are the Human Hair Blended wigs?

        If we have convinced you enough then shop our beautiful human hair blended wigs collection or keep reading for a mini breakdown of each of the wigs in this beautiful collection, featuring 6 great new additions:


        ALILAH Human Hair Blended Wig

        If super long curly vibes are your thing, then Alilah is the wig for you!  This super long – an impressive 32” wig has been styled in a loose curly hairstyle complete with the centre lace parting so you can fool everyone with an extremely realistic looking parting and hairline.


        BRISA Blended Lace Wig  **NEW IN**

        Want to have super long mermaid locks? Then our new Brisa Wig has your name all over it! A whooping 34” long hair styled in a loose curl wave pattern with lace centre parting, lace front and baby hair. This lace means this wig has a totally realistic and natural hairline and parting.



        DEBRA Blended Human Hair Wig  **NEW IN**

        Debra is the perfect style if you want a full rounded look with super curly ringlets. This blended wig is a lace front wig with a lace styled left for a natural finish.


        DEMI Blended Lace Wig

        Our Demi blended wig is the perfect mid-length straight style wig – you can really do so much with this one! Add a soft curl, an up do or so much more, the Demi Wig has soft layers to add a little body to this look.


        HEIDI Human Hair Blended Wig  **NEW IN**

        Want super bouncy and long natural curls? The Heidi wig is perfect for beautiful curls with its gorgeous kinky curl pattern and features 18” front layers for extra body and bounce to the curls. The Heidi Wig will give you a very realistic and natural hairline as it has a lace front with baby hair and a 5” deep centre lace parting.



        GRACE Blended Human Lace Wig  **NEW IN**

        Is relaxed your vibe? The Grace human hair blended wig has a relaxed crimped hairstyle - almost a brushed out curl appearance, making it natural looking. Super realistic and natural looking, the Grace Wig has 16" front layers and this crimped human hair blended wig has a lace front and 4” lace centre parting.


        JOSIE Blended Human Lace Wig  **NEW IN**

        Josie offers a touch of glam with fashionable loose curls. This blended human hair wig has soft front layers of 19” but overall an incredible 32". Our Josie Wig has a right lace parting of 4.5” and full front lace and baby hair, which means this wig will feature a realistic hairline and parting when worn. 



        LEANNE Blended Mix Lace Wig

        Are you after a shoulder length style straight?

        Our favourite shorter style, the Leanne Human Hair Blended wig features a side parting which then flicks and frames the face perfectly. The. Leanne wig has been styled with volume to flick and add bounce to the hair – giving you effortless hair style points!


        PAISLEY Human Hair Blended Wig

        Are soft waves your dreamy hairstyle? Paisley is styled in a beautiful loose curl pattern. This mid to long length wig is great for adding baby hair designs. Check out our summer favourite colour the Pink colour.

        Paisley Human Hair Blended Wig


        STELLA Blended Human Lace Wig

        Stella is the OG wig – a classic, timeless style that was in our first collection of human hair blended wigs! Stella offers beautiful luscious locks, super shiny & glossy like human hair, it also features a lace front and 4” lace side. Parting.


        ZOE Human Hair Blended Wig  **NEW IN**

        Looking for natural & curly? Styled to shoulder length, the Zoe blended human hair wig is a super soft and super curly wig. With a lace front, lace middle parting of 4.5" and baby hair, the Zoe Wig will look realistic and natural on you!

        We hope you love our human hair blended collection, as much as we do! Don’t forget to tag us in your selfies @gemwigs

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