How To Apply Our Ponytails - Two Easy & Quick Hairstyles

Ponytails by Gem Wigs

Our newest collection at Gem Wigs is your best accessory yet! This hair accessories range feature hair that has already been styled into ponytails, perfect for quick and instant style.

Want to find out everything there is to know on this BRAND NEW COLLECTION at Gem Wigs? Check our Ponytails range!

All of our ponytails come complete with a butterfly grip clip, this gives you 2 different application methods! But honestly both are super easy and quick (literally both in just 3 steps with the first being to prepare your own hair)– so you will have the most envious ponytail style within minutes (if not seconds).


Step 1 – Pop your own hair into a bun

Step 2 – Secure the comb and place the ponytails over the bun.

Step 3 – Holding the ponytail, pull the drawstring to tighten the cap, wrap the drawstring around the cap and secure with a knot.


Step 1 – Pop your own hair into a bun

Step 2 – Place the butterfly grip inside the cap twist around so the claws face out of the opening.

Step 3 – Push each claw through the holes of the net so the grip is secure in the ponytail and then clip this onto your bun.


Either way of applying our ponytails give you instant style points in seconds – and whether you are after a super long and full style or a cutesy mid length style or the super curly look we have so many options you will be spoilt for choice.

Check our easy and quick ponytails hairstyle range. We can’t wait to see you in our ponytails for effortless hair swishing looks – please tag us on social @gemwigs so we can see how great you all look!