Human hair v's Synthetic Hair

The battle of human hair versus synthetic wigs is always a challenging one. This blog article is designed to help you weigh up the pro’s and con’s of each wig category so you can choose your new style to suit your needs perfectly!


So let’s get down to it… Human Hair is up first, so we will summarise the key points:



+ Longer lasting

+ Can be washed (so again should last longer)

+ Tangle less

+ Look realistic and natural - being human hair it looks like real hair so it's easier to disguise this as a natural style

+ Can be styled freely and so much easier to style than synthetic hair – so if you fancy changing this wig style up with human hair you certainly can!

For styling hints and how to guides check out our latest styling blog here.



- It’s expensive (albeit, don't worry girls we have you here - we will always try to keep our prices as competitive and good as we can whilst offering you the very best quality we can)

- Not as much colour range as synthetic hair wigs.


SHOP OUR HUMAN HAIR RANGE HERE (including our Virgin Human hair Fringe beauties):



+ Great value for money.

+ An incredible range of colours and styles.

+ Made from a high-quality fibre that is designed to mimic human hair.

+ This fibre also means the hair can be heat styled as desired.

+ As these wigs are so affordable, its a great way to experiment with new styles and colours without breaking the bank!

+ Also great to build your confidence up trying new styles and styling your wigs - try that fringe or the lace front :)

+ Our synthetic wigs are designed to be as high quality and realistic looking as possible - they don't look fake, shiny and you won't get the giveaway flashback in a flash photo so don't worry!



- Obviously it's not human hair, so it won't have the superior quality of hair and realism of a natural, real hair wig. 

- They won't last as long as human hair, possibly tangle more than human hair wigs and are more difficult to wash.




We really hope this helps you settle that human hair versus synthetic hair debate! But basically if you are after an investment quality hair wig that you want to last longer and look 100% natural, we'd say go for the human hair range. If you are looking for some styles to play with different cuts and colours (we see those vacay's and festival season on the horizon) we would recommend experimenting with our synthetic hair range. 


Don't forget though - we also have another range that sits right in the middle offering the best of both worlds - it's our human hair blended wigs - a mix of synthetic and human hair! 


Happy shopping 

With Love, 

Gem Wigs x