Looking after your wig - our handy tips!

Cliche to start but like anything in life, the better you look after your hair the longer it will last...

 Looking after your wig

That said, we believe our hair has superior quality and style over other brands and we wanted to share with you a few of our little tips for maintaining your wigs to their full potential. 

Overall the rules are the same for synthetic & human hair (as our synthetic is such great quality and made from a premium fibre that means you can heat style - straighten, curl and blow-dry!) But, that being said, the more you wash / style your hair, the less time it will last. 

Be wary washing synthetic hair - it can only be done under the greatest of care and washing / use of products on synthetic hair will drastically reduce it's lifespan... But we have great faith our synthetic hair requires less of this - giving you more time for everything else!



  • Be careful when cutting wigs with lace fronts - quite literally there's a fine line between trimming it too close that it starts shedding and not enough the lace is visible. Check out YouTube for how to video's and make sure your scissors are sharp!


  • We recommend using styling products with minimal amounts of alcohol.
  • Moisturising lotions reduce the tangles and hydrate the hair without weighing the hair down. Make sure you look after the ends and the nape of the hair (at the back of the neck) with the moisturiser to provide tangling. 
  • While we recommend using these - you will need to be careful that excessive amounts create a build up of product and reduce it's performance, no one likes greasy hair do we girls? Washing will reduce this...
  • Synthetic hair can be styled up to 200 (ladies we know how it is if your straighteners don't have a temperature on them, generally GHDs are 185).
  • Human hair can be heat styled up to 250.
  • Be wary of heat styling (try to limit how much you are using heat on the hair to make it last even longer) - it will dehydrate the hair, so make sure you use a heat protector and moisturise once finished. 
Wigs Styling


  • For curly styles be aware that the curls are not permanent - brushing, styling and washing can literally wash the curls away. To keep your curls, we would recommend finger combing and using a small amount of retention spray on a daily basis. Washing will definitely effect your curls, be very careful and do not early the hair to drop dry, after washing re-set the hair with bendy rollers.


  • Gently comb the hair through, wash using a mild sulphate free, moisturising shampoo (gently massaging - some even like to plait the hair and wash while in a loose plait) and squeeze out the excess water. Do NOT rub or twist the hair.
  • Apply conditioner and leave in - the more the hair is worn leave the conditioner in for longer to keep the locks looking luscious. Rinse the hair and pat dry with a towel. 
  • Spray leave in conditioner and allow to air dry. 
Wigs Washing


  • Before you take the wig off, give it a little gentle brush to get rid of any tangles - possibly even some leave-in conditioner.
  • Look after them when they are off your head too - no pulling them off and slinging them on the pile of clothes that's been waiting to be put away for the last week. Store them in the box, we delivered them in as your handy storage and protection to keep the style. 


The main thing to remember though is to smile - enjoy your hair, we have loved creating these styles and can't wait to see you wearing them!

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