PARTAYYY! 2022 Party Hair

It's the season to sparkle... To dazzle... To Shine! 

Party season is here and we are totally ready to rock around the Christmas tree in our beautiful Gem Wig numbers! Keep reading to find out what we think of this season's party hair must haves. 

 Party Hair by Gem Wigs



We've all been there ladies. Post work, running late, the wing eyeliner took 157 attempts and the taxi is fast approaching. Why not go for one of our ponytails to take the stress out of your hairstyle look. 

Simply put your natural hair in a bun or ponytails and attach our ponytail over this clip it in and secure with the drawstring - and you will be the envy of everyone with your hair swishing goals. 

Go fierce with our Belle Ponytail - super long, super curly & super full of drama. Try the Euro Long for that cutesy look or short curls with Dizzy, perfect with sequins!

Ponytails synthetic hair, long, short, curly or straight. Hair by Sleek hair accessories

Vivian Lace Front & Parting Wig - okay girls so want that fierce, powerhouse slick bob? We love this straight modern, blunt cut wig and the Ice Grey has us feeling all wintery!

What says party more than barrel curls? Our Melany Wig just oozes that glamorous look we are all after... Set in a side parting we love this style and we have some really beautiful natural hues available so any outfit will be bound to match!

Our Cynthia Wig comes already styled in a loose Hollywood wave, which is perfect for that natural curled look. But this human hair wig offers so much variety for looks it's the perfect wig for the sparkly season as you can heat style it to whichever look is for you.

When it comes to the winter months, we love the Candace Wig. Offering that cute side fringe hairstyle, we feel it's such a fashionable but cosy style we totally love!

If you want those bouncy, natural curls our Lucy Wig is the one for you! Now this wig only comes in one colour option as its a completely natural wig - the hair has never been chemically dyed or treated! Amazing right - and just how stunning are these curls?

If you can't go super long and curly at Christmas when can you? Our Brisa Human hair Blended Wig has the best of both worlds - luxuriousness of human hair without a hefty price tag! 34" of this beautiful loose wave and even better it's coming in more colours this month! 


With love, 

Gem Wigs x