At Gem Wigs we believe all love wins... Love is love.

So today's blog post is all about embracing colour... It's the summer season, where colour is celebrated so we have a few of our favourites pretty hues and beautiful brights to showcase:



Perfect your blue steel model pose with the cool and icey OLIVIA WIG in this ombre blue toned style.

For ocean blue, our MOLLY WIG starts a beautiful soft pale blue and gradually blends into this vibrant brighter blue shade and styled in this water wave hairstyle this wig just has us dreaming of the sea!



If pink is your colour, we have a few beautiful pink options for you - you can go for that summery holiday vibes look with the PEACHY PAISLEY WIG. 

Pink and blue ombre it's the most stunning combination, our ALEXIS WIG is a guaranteed colour winner.

For the softer pastel pink we all know and love - our EVIE WIG is for you! This ombre style with a natural dark root, gives pink hair a more natural looking flair.


With a classic darker root, our red ombre in the ABBIE WIG has that fiery glow 


Whether you call it orange or peachy, our AMIYA WIG certainly giving us all the fruity feels. This softer colouring matches the playful soft curtain bangs and blowdry flicked perfection!

Sweet like a refresher sweet, the NYLA WIG in this Candyfloss Orange Pink Mix is our most summery shade! 


Luscious lavender lilacs (say it again but quicker, yes its a definite tongue twister)! But what a stunning pastel shade. Not only does the ADRIANA WIG  have us gushing over the loose barrel curls and side parting style, but this colour is just so summer festival!

For a more purple hued lilac check out the CHRISSY WIG 

And if purple is your look but you want the more vibrant look not the softer lilacs then our FERN WIG is your girl. Soft tousled waves with such a vibrant 3 toned ombre - starting at a vivid dark purple root blending seamlessly into a hot purple with a light hue at the tips!


Our refreshing lime ombre in the FRAN FRINGE WIG makes us feel cool and collected! Styled with pretty waves, this curly shoulder length style has a wonderful full fringe showing off the lime colour scheme beautiful - this is a wig that you dress your outfit around!


For colour but with that natural hint, our WILLOW WIG has black hair with layers of green and blue ombre for that perfect sea breeze turquoise style.


Our DIAMOND WIG really is a diamond - it has such a great style, movable parting so it can do many different styles, high-quality synthetic that can even be heat styled and of course it has so many different colours. From Aqua Blue to Royal navy to bright vivid red to gorgeous grey and most recently our blonde colours!


What's your shade this summer season?


With love, 

Gem Wigs xo