Step by Step Guide for Creating 'Space Pumpkin Buns' - Halloween Edition

This week, we take you step by step through our guide on how to style a wig perfectly for the Halloween season.
And what’s more Halloween than pumpkins! Move over space buns, we are styling our gorgeous fringe synthetic FAITH Wig into ‘Pumpkin Buns’. This orange ombre wig with its dark root works fantastic for this pumpkin look.

STEP 1 – Apply the wig on to the head as usual and brush the hair ready for styling.

Step 1 - Halloween Wig Style

STEP 2 – Section a small amount of hair to create a high ponytail bunch.

Step 2  - Halloween Wig Style

STEP 3 – Follow Step 2 for the second ponytail. – (and embrace the Baby Spice vibes here.)

Step 3  - Halloween Wig Style

STEP 4 – Twist the ponytail loosely.

Step 4  - Halloween Wig Style

STEP 5 – Twist the ponytail up in a loose bun and pin here to secure.

Step 5  - Halloween Wig Style

STEP 6 – Repeat to twist the second ponytail to create the second bun.

Step 6  - Halloween Wig Style

STEP 7 - To make your hairstyle look a bit more spooky add some spiders and viola your pumpkin inspired look is ready to win the best Halloween Hair Award.

Halloween Wig Style

Halloween Wig Style

Halloween Wig Style

Finished Look of Space Pumpkin Buns 

Finished Look: Halloween Wig Style

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Gem Wigs x