Why a human hair blended wig?

Human hair blended wigs are a fantastic choice - great to upgrade your synthetic hair options or just to experiment with a new style.

Made from a blend of human hair hair and mixed with a high-quality synthetic fibre, these wigs have superior quality and of course style.

Can you believe this wig is not 100% human hair?

Can you believe the wig above (Leanne) as modelled by influencer Precious Muir is not 100% human hair... Just stunning! 

The addition of human hair makes the wigs better quality than usual synthetic wigs, however all of our synthetic wigs are made from a premium fibre which mimics the qualities of human hair - some find it really hard to tell if our synthetic hair is in fact synthetic. Plus our synthetic hair has been specifically designed to allow heat styling - that's right you can tong it, straighten it, crimp it, blow dry to your heart is content!

The advantages of our blended wigs are:

  • Super soft hair.
  • Longer lasting than synthetic hair.
  • They tangle and shed less than 100% synthetic.
  • More affordable than 100% human hair.
  • Our blended wigs has a full lace front and parting (which gives the hairline / parting a fantastically realistic finish).

Enjoy your wig - if you have any questions on this collection or anything else please let us know!