All About Our New Range of Hair Accessory - Ponytails

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We know your time is precious, and perfecting the art of a beautiful ponytail can be difficult (we’re not talking about the average going to the gym ponytail). Or maybe you simply want to add some length to your hair, so we have just launched a brand-new range of hair accessories to give you instant ponytail goals.

Yes, that’s right! We are obsessed with ponytail looks – whether it’s a power pony fit for Beyonce, the feminine cutesy look of Hailey Bieber. we’re looking at you or the Queen of ponytails with her super long mane Ariana Grande, we love them all. To inject a little ponytail magic into your hairstyle, look no further. We have the collection for you!

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know on the NEW Gem Wigs Ponytails range:


What are the Ponytails at Gem Wigs?

Our ponytail range is hair accessories that have already been styled into a ponytail, so all you need to do is style your hair in a ponytail or bun and secure this ponytail to this tight and wrap the drawstring so that it is tight and you are ready to go. For more information read our blog on how to apply the ponytail?

Our ponytail collection is full of different styles so you will be spoilt for choice! Whether it's super curly kinky locks, glamorous curls, or poker straight or even different lengths are range has every need and look covered!

Our synthetic ponytails are made from a high-quality synthetic fibre that is super soft and looks like real human hair and some ponytails (Bootylicious Long, Relish and Glow can even be heat styled).


Why should you try a Gem Wig Ponytail?

Well other than the ultimate style points you are crowned with when wearing these beauties, our ponytails are great for so many reasons:

  • Easy to apply – so you can have a beautiful ponytail look in seconds! If you need help on how to secure these you can visit our how-to blog. Secure – with the comb clips and drawstring you can secure these ponytails so they won’t budge when you are flicking that ponytail.
  • Beautiful styles – our ponytails have been styled so they flick in the right place or curled to perfection depending on which style you go for.
  • Made from synthetic hair these ponytails are great value for money, we know you’ll want to add more to your collection.


Where to find premium quality Ponytails?

Our collection of ponytails stands at ten so far but growing - so stay tuned for even more styles coming soon. Here’s a little taster of our collection full of different curl patterns and multiple lengths:


Belle Synthetic Ponytail - £16.99

Be the Belle of the ball with our Belle Ponytail – the pun was intended this one is a beauty! Super curly and full our Belle Ponytail is 30” long.


Bootylicious Synthetic Ponytail - £12.99

Hands up if you also love a loose barrel curl as we do? The Bootylicious ponytail is a best-selling style due to this glamourous curl pattern adding instant style – shop this if you fancy it in the original 24” length.


Long Bootylicious Ponytail - £16.99

Delivering you the glamour of the Bootylicious Ponytail but even longer, the Long Ponytail is a whopper at 30” long. Even better you can change the style upon this ponytail if you wish, as the premium synthetic hair can be heat styled.


Bounce Synthetic Ponytail - £16.99

The clue is in the name with this ponytail – the curl pattern makes this one super bouncy and full of body! We love the Bounce Ponytail up high to give that high ponytail drama!


Dizzy Synthetic Ponytail - £13.99

A mid-length super curly classic style, the Dizzy ponytail is so realistic-looking with its natural-looking curl pattern.


Euro Long Ponytail - £14.99

Our favourite style – the Euro Long is such a cutesy fashionable look. This straight ponytail which features a flicked curl at the ends is the perfect on-trend ponytail style.


Euro Synthetic Ponytail - £10.99

A shorter version of the Euro Long, this flicked style ponytail is super cute.


Glow Synthetic Ponytail - £12.99

Ready to rock some loose waves? Our Glow Ponytail is 20” long and has this beautiful natural wave. And even more, this ponytail has been made from premium high-quality synthetic hair that can be heat styled.


Relish Synthetic Ponytail - £12.99

Easily transform your own with our crimped loose wave style of Relish. This mid-to-long ponytail is just beautiful in this crimp but if you want to change up the style, it can be heat styled as it has been made from a heat resistant high-quality synthetic fibre.


Spark Synthetic Ponytail - £12.99

If springy tight curls are for you, then the Spark Ponytail has your name on it. The texture and volume in this ponytail are outstanding, you won’t be disappointed!

So, shop this beautiful new ponytail collection and make sure you stay tuned because we know the messy bun takes approximately 16547 attempts so we have the ultimate messy bun solution coming your way soon!

If you need help on how to style our ponytails please check out this step-by-step guided blog or if you want to go one step further and try a bubble braid check out our Bubble Braid inspo here.

Have fun ladies! And remember to enjoy your hair swishing with these!