All you need to know about our new addition... PAIGE

Our newest addition to the Gem Wigs family is our beautiful Paige Wig. 

Styled in a lace centre parting, this wig is such a vibe for this summer. That effortless slick style with the cute flick at the tips, so the hair frames perfectly!

A Gem Wigs graphic to show the new Paige wig, a mid-length style wig with straight hair, flicked at the tops with a centre partingThe Paige lace wig is also super full, so it's great value for your money too. It also features a lace front and baby hairs ready for styling - so that hairline is ready to be slayed ;)

It joins our Human Hair Blended Wig Collection which offers so many wonderful properties:

  • These wigs can be heat styled (the synthetic fibre included is very high-quality so you can heat style if desired)
  • Human Hair Blended wigs should last longer than 100% synthetic ones
  • Human Hair Blended wigs tangle less than 100% synthetic ones
  • Human Hair Blended wigs will shed less than 100% synthetic ones



Available in dark shades, blonde and this copper favourite (as seen on our gorgeous model).


With love, 

Gem Wigs xo