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Do blondes have more fun?

As the saying goes blondes have more fun...

So here's our round up of some incredible blonde styles that are available at Gem Wigs:

KAYLA - it's a newbie in the Gems Collection but available in this stunning blonde platinum colour! 

All you need to know about our new addition... PAIGE

Our newest addition to the Gem Wigs family is our beautiful Paige Wig. 

Styled in a lace centre parting, this wig is such a vibe for this summer. That effortless slick style with the cute flick at the tips, so the hair frames perfectly!

The Summer Glow - Blonde Hues
We all want that summer glow don't we?  As we dream of the hotter summer days and nights, we want to show you all about getting that summer glow into your hairstyle!! It's the colour we have all been waiting...