The What, Why, How and Where about the HEADBAND Wigs

Everything you need to know about the Headband Wigs

In this blog, we will talk about all the What's, Why's How's and Where about the Headband Wigs and what makes them the fastest-growing wig trend in the market. So without any delay, let's get started:

  • What is a Headband Wig?
  • Why should you choose a Headband Wig? and benefits?
  • How to wear a Headband Wig?
  • Where to find the best quality Headband Wigs?

What is a Headband Wig?

As the name suggests, a headband wig is a combination of a wig and a band, where the full wig cap is attached to the headband around the edges making it a complete wig that looks more natural and beautiful. The beauty of  our headband wigs is that you don’t really have to style the front.

At Gem Wigs, all our headband wigs are made of high-quality premium synthetic with a black velvet headband stitched to the wig cap giving it a contemporary look. Our headband wigs come in a wide range of colours to suit your style and can be heat styled if needed. From straight to curly, long and short, this collection of wigs has one for everyone. So, all you need to do is decide if your headband will be folded, flat or scrunched for your perfect look.

Why should you choose a Headband Wig? and benefits?

If you are early to the wig game or just because your time is precious and so are looking for a super easy wig option. Then look no further than trying a headband wig. Let's get to know the main benefits of headband wigs and why they are so popular these days: 

  1. They are easy to install and remove making them beginner-friendly and time-effective for the busy gals. 
  2. They are cost-effective compared to human hair wigs. As well as save the cost of installing and removing wigs.
  3. They are fashionable, durable and enhance your natural look.
  4. And on the top, these wigs come in a wide range of colours, styles and lengths, making it easier to choose the one that suits your needs.

How to wear a Headband Wig?

Our headband wigs are very easy to install – there is no lace to cut, no baby hair to pluck and no glue or sewing needed. Watch our video on how quick and easy are our headband wig to wear.

  1. Brush hair with a wide-tooth comb to remove any tangles or knots.
  2. And, then pop the wig on the head and secure it with the combs in the cap. 
  3. You can wear your favourite hairband on the wig's headband and make a ponytail, bun or let your hair free.

Where to find the best quality Headband Wigs?

If you are looking for premium fibre synthetic headband wigs that allow you to quickly and easily add volume and length to your hair in an instant leaving you with a stunning look and confidence you always craved for, then browse our Headband Wigs Collection or check out our best-selling headband wigs below:

NORA Synthetic Headband Wig

Want a timeless classically beautiful wig style? This short bob wig paired with the velvet hair band is.

NORA Synthetic Headband Wig

MAYA Synthetic Headband Wig

Luscious layers have been cut into the straight style of the headband Maya Wig giving it some beautiful body and natural movement to the hair. 

MAYA Synthetic Headband Wig


ADA Synthetic Headband Wig

A beautiful, natural ringlet curl pattern in a rounded style, which frames the face with the length reaching to the shoulders.

ADA Synthetic Headband Wig


ELENA Synthetic Headband Wig

Super full, the tight spiral, kinky curls in the Elena wig are super springy for lots of volume and bounce.

ELENA Synthetic Headband Wig
Enjoy the benefits, flexibility and your new look that comes with our headband wigs. Check our special blog on how to choose the right wig style for your face shape

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