Tips for managing your wigs in the summer

Less Monica from Friends in the humid heat, more Rachel ;)

Here's a few of our top tips to help you look after your wigs in the hotter seasons:


  • Never wear your hair in the swimming pool or sea - the natural sea salt in the sea and the chemicals in the pool will dehydrate and react with the hair. It will become extremely dry and possibly change colour (and not for the better think blondes turning greens). 
  • Always brush your wig when you remove it - get up those little tangles straight away, it will be so much better to maintain your wig in this way. 
  • Try to store it safely - okay so after you've danced the night away or a few cocktails the last thing we want to do is secure the wig safely on a wig mannequin head or in it's box but this will help maintain the wig cap shape and keep the hairstyle and lace in tact and beautiful. 
  • With human hair wigs we recommend using sulphate free shampoo's and moisturise the hair with conditioner lotions - this will help rehydrate the hair (the sun will also dehydrate it). For more tips on washing - read here!
  • We recommend using styling products with minimal amounts of alcohol.


Picture is a graphic showing Gem Wigs hair illustration and tips to looking after you wig, including not swimming in it, storing it carefully & following washing instructions

Do you have any more further tips, we would love to hear your recommendations too!


With love,

Gem Wigs xo